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Every woman should own one of these little gadgets! It’s like having a skin therapist on hand without stepping out of your front door.

Filorga Mesotherapist offers a two-way stimulation treatment for your skin. You spray the solution on your face and then using the nifty roller, roll it over your skin to stimulate the cells. As you get used to the feeling, you can add more pressure.

After doing this, you will notice that your skin feels slightly sensitive, but not at all painful. Remember to start off lightly so that you can get used to the roller pins, and once you’ve “trained” your skin, you can gradually start to increase the pressure for a deeper stimulation.

Filorga MesotherapistA Metsotherapist session is ideal every two days for a period of three weeks – which is just the right amount provided in the solution. This helps to improve the overall suppleness and radiance of your skin. It will also work towards an improved skin texture because your creams (day cream, night cream, treatments etc) will be far better absorbed.

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There isn’t a Filorga product that I’ve tried and not loved!  Their night cream, Sleep and Peel offers a cellular renewal system that works while you’re asleep, to soften the skin and keep it looking younger. It can be used every day at night or every two days if your skin is overly sensitive.

On mine, I was able to use it every night instead of my night cream. I didn’t really feel a “burn”, on my skin, it just felt like ordinary night cream with a bit of a zing. However, after using it for a few days, my skin got used to it and it just felt normal.

Having said that, my skin isn’t really sensitive because I generally cleanse and move straight onto a serum/ treatment and then my moisturizer, so I skip out the toner. Although, heading into winter, I’ll have to look at toners once again.

All in all, this is a great cream that allows me to wake up with beautiful skin. My skin looks radiant and glowing. No clogged pores, no redness, just fabulous Filorga skin!

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This is still one my favourite cleansers! It works like a charm, removing all my makeup without drying out my skin.

A lot of face washes say that you should avoid the sensitive eye area, but with this cleanser you can use it over your eye area too, which is brilliant for removing your makeup.

While it cleans your skin, Filorga Foaming Cleanser  also helps to balance out your skin. It adds hydration back into the skin and is amazing at stimulating your skin cells without damaging the skin.

It’s enriched with hyaluronic acid, which has anti-ageing as well as moisturizing properties, and high concentrations of lily extract, which help to repair, soothe and calm the skin whilst fighting off free radicals.

It’s suitable for all skin types.

Filorga Mesotherapist is a skin boosting product that stimulates the skin’s cellular system. Using the spray and roller, it works on improving the skin’s firmness and inner elasticity, whilst creating natural radiance.

The roller stimulates micro-circulation deep within the skin layers using its clever technology of rotating head with micro-needles. Working in combination with the NCTF solution to reenergise the skin tissues.

What do I receive in the box?

1 x roller

1 x sterile spray solution containing patent NCTF.

What are the Benefits of Mesotherapist?

Mesotherapist is recommended for:

  • Anti-ageing for visibly younger skin
  • Increasing elasticity and firmness
  • Creating radiance
  • Skin boosting
  • Stimulate cellular regeneration

How should I use Mesotherapist?

Filorga’s Mesotherapist works over a 3 week period. It is recommended to use once every 2 days.

Use during the evening before bedtime.

Apply the spray solution on the entire face, that has been cleansed first.

Next use the roller with a light pressure, which will cause a slight redness but this shows that the treatment is working. Experiment on the back of the hand first if required.

Reapply the spray solution on the face again and finish off with applying your usual night cream.

What results should I expect with Mesotherapist?

Results are visible within three weeks. Skin is left feeling more radiant after 1 week. After a fortnight, it has increased elasticity and suppleness. Overall skin quality is improved after three weeks.

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