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Fermathron One 60MG/3ML

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Perfect treatment for knee and hip joints

Fermathron One single-use pre-filled syringe for intra-articular administration contains a cross-linked sodium hyaluronate in the form of a sterile, viscous gel that has a beneficial effect on the improvement of joint mobility in the course of degenerative disease.
High molecular weight sodium hyaluronate (sodium hyaluronic acid) hydrated with PBS buffer (phosphate buffered saline). The preparation contains 20 mg of sodium hyaluronate dissolved in 1 ml of normal saline (2.0% concentration)


knee and hip jointsFermathron One pre-filled delivery syringe contains cross-linked sodium hyaluronate 60mg in 3ml of the preparation. The inside of the pre-filled syringe contains a ready-to-inject, sterile gel that requires the help of qualified personnel who are experienced in administering injections. This treatment allows to restore the comfort of life in people affected by osteoarthritis of the knee and hip joints with mild to moderate severity of symptoms. Fermathron One is a biocompatible preparation, and given in the injection of sodium hyaluronate is the same component that is found in the synovial fluid – which allows you to smoothly supplement its deficiencies in the synovial joint.


The preparation is indicated to reduce pain and improve the mobility of the knee and hip joints.


Fermathron One pre-filled syringe with a cross-linked sodium hyaluronate may only be given by a healthcare professional trained in a specific procedure for systemic injection. Fermathron One pre-filled delivery syringe is a one-time use!

How does Fermathron One work?

Fermathron one is a viscosupplement containing sodium hyaluronate used for injection into the synovial joints of patients with mild to moderate osteoarthritis. It can also be used to treat traumatic or degenerative changes to the synovial joint.

Fermathron One is made up of highly folded, long chained molecules of hyaluronan in the form of sodium hyaluronate. It is made using a patented process of continuous fermentation of the natural bacterium Streptococcus.

The sodium Hyaluronate in Fermathron One is highly biocompatible as it is chemically the same as hyaluronate within the body.

As soon as the Fermathron One solution is delivered into the synovial joint, it begins lubricating and performing its shock absorbent activities.

What’s in the box?

60mg/3ml sterile 2% (w/v) Sodium Hyaluronate in phosphate buffered saline

What are the benefits of Fermathron One?

Sodium Hyaluronate’s essential properties and pseudo plastic behaviour can be used to :
Perform shock absorbency properties within the synovial joint
Lubricate the synovial compartment

How is treatment carried out?

It is injected 3-5 times on a weekly basis into the synovial compartment. For more severe osteoarthritis treatment to treat more traumatic joints, 5 injections is normal.

The site of injection must be clean as well as infection free and disease free. Antiseptic can be used to present the site free from contamination. The skin must be dried prior to treatment. Clean the skin around the injection site with antiseptic and allow to dry before the injection is given.

How long will results last for?

5 injections a week can help patients be symptom free for up to 6 months hence Fermathron is a good treatment for knee and hip joints.

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