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Undergo Treatments With Pain Numbing Cream

Provide a good service with numbing cream

For any tattoo shop or independent tattoo artist, the No Pain numbing cream becomes a valuable asset in the endeavors of making clients and customers comfortable during the treatment. Additionally, it is also an option to sell the cream to customers who know that they are coming back. This allows them to prepare for the treatment before arriving to the shop.

Undergo Treatments With Pain Numbing CreamFor centuries the Native American tribes of northern Mexico have been using plant extracts for the natural relief of pain. With that knowledge and modern science, we’ve developed a unique pain relief formula by blending those plant extracts with safe natural active ingredients. The result is a fast-acting pain-relief gel that provides temporary relief for:

    • Arthritis
    • Muscle soreness
    • Back Pain
    • Sports Injury
    • Migraine Headache
    • Cluster Headache
    • Simple Backache
    • Bruise

Numbing cream – use before undergoing treatment

Apply the cream 1½ hour before the treatment. Whether it is a treatment related to piercings, tattoos, or vaccinations, the numbing cream sedates the affected area through local anaesthesia. While not being harmful at all, the cream prevents you from feeling any pain from needles and syringes.  When applied, make sure to remove the numbing cream with water before undergoing treatment. You can read about that and more in the instructions guide following your purchase. Undergo Treatments With Pain Numbing Cream.

If you have any questions regarding our product, services or guarantees, please contact Real Life Botox Online Shop. Business inquiries for potential distribution should be addressed this email address as well.

50 tubes of 30 g. No Pain Cream. No Pain Cream is the worlds strongest numbing cream recommended by tattoo artists world wide.

Our biggest package of No Pain numbing cream, preventing pain when undergoing cosmetic treatments related to tattoos, vaccinations, piercings, and permanent make-up. The package contains 50 tubes of 30g. each, tailored for larger tattoo shops or numbing cream distributors. Prevent your client from feeling pain during your treatment.

Undergo Treatments With Pain Numbing Cream



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50 tubes 30g


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