Meso Cit Basic Solution Serum 40001855

Meso CIT Basic Solution Serum 40001855

Repairs and moisturises the skin matrix


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Meso CIT Basic Solution, a serum that repairs the dermal matrix, composed of Panthenol and Hyaluronic acid encapsulated in liposomes, united to a powerful combination of moisturising active ingredients, able to penetrate and act on the deeper layers of the skin.

The combination of various growth factors leads to positive synergies.

What does Meso CIT Basic Solution contain?

Hyaluronic Acid

What can Meso CIT Basic Solution be used for?

This solution is used as a needle lubricant for transdermic needles. Preparing the skin for microneedling, whilst preventing irritation, promotes collagen synthesis and epithelialisation.

What are the benefits ?

Panthenol hydrates, moistens and conditions
Hyaluronic acid moisturises skin by attracting water molecules towards the corneal layers.
Organic silicon protects and reinforces collagen fibres, elastin and proteoglycans.
Anti-inflammatory action reduces redness in skin (erytherma)

An electric device for the induction and regeneration of collagen in the skin. Using NANOPORE TURBO ROLLER, we create micro-perforations that are designed to increase the penetration of active ingredients. We perform the treatment individually to the client’s skin needs using the appropriate serum mixture for this purpose. MESOCIT – a range of serum with growth factors enclosed in liposomes, combined with active ingredients that penetrate the skin and act in its deepest layers.
The NANOPORE TURBO ROLLER treatment reduces the pain sensation to a minimum thanks to the low level of vibration, in addition it is very sterile, because the needles used in the device are disposable.

meso cit basic solution

The treatment of facial photoaging with the Nanopore seeks to restore the damage created by the excess of sunlight. We do a treatment of non-invasive micro-perforations, where the penetration depth of the perforations in the skin is graduated. Stimulating the production of collagen through the natural activation of the mechanisms of self-repair of the skin and synthetic elasticity. In turn increasing the penetration of active ingredients to accelerate the absorption of substances in the deeper layers of the skin (transdermal mesotherapy). These substances stimulate and hydrate the skin with vitamins and minerals, stem cells, zinc, hyaluronic acid, arginine, panthenol, among other things. In addition, they allow us to prevent the damage caused by excessive sun and softens the expression lines of the face and wrinkles. The result is a healthier and younger skin, as it promotes the increase of cellular activity, softens and improves the texture of the skin and restores elasticity.

meso cit basic solution


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