Surface Paris Meso With Roller (5)

A non invasive alternative to needles. This treatment comes supplied with a mesoroller for patients to treat themselves at home, to produce beautiful looking skin.

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How does Surface Paris Meso with Roller work?

Purchase Surface Paris Meso With Roller .Surface Paris Meso with Roller is a safe treatment that can be used in the comfort of your own home, without the need of a medical professional or any needles. Use the mesoroller included to apply the solutions yourself.

Purchase Surface Paris Meso With RollerContains a preservative free version of dimethylaminoethanol tartrate, alongside multiple vitamins to give skin the boost it needs to stay looking beautiful.

What are the benefits of Surface Paris Meso?

Hydrated, smooth and young looking skin
Preservative free ingredients
Improved skin complexion

What do I receive in the box?
5 vials of Surface Paris Meso

How often do I use the treatment?

Use the mesoroller to apply the solution once very week for a five week duration. Order here

Inspired by medical mesotherapy, MESO-GLOW is a powerful 5-week at-home treatment, that reinvigorates the skin and boosts the complexion. It consists of 3 powerful actions to revive glowing skin. The Anti-Aging Action – due to the moisturizing properties of the miracle resurrection plant, Myrothamnus Flabellifolius, paired with hyaluronic acid. The Antioxidant Action – reinforced by the power of Vitamin C and Copper Gluconate known for quenching free-radicals. The Anti-Pollution Action – thanks to Buckwheat extract which provides a shield against oxidative factors.

By optimally moisturizing the skin, Hyaluronic Acid effectively restores the elasticity of the skin and promotes cell regeneration. When used with a dermaroller, the skin becomes firmer and softer. Hyaluronic Acid is scientifically recognized by leading physicians. Although it is now used more and more in different skin care, it is recommended to choose those with a lighter molecular weight to allow it to penetrate more easily into the epidermis, stimulate collagen production and keep a skin hydrated, firm and elastic.

One of the best hyaluronic acid serums created specifically for use with a dermaroller is MESO-GLOW, which contains a hydrolysed form of Hyaluronic Acid and a highly concentrated dose of Vitamin C. Lately tested and recommended by the Club Des Expert in Women, MESO-GLOW is a five-week microneedling treatment. The kit includes a dermaroller, five vials of vitamin serum and a receptacle to activate the serum.


The product applied using the dermaroller will be deeply absorbed into the skin so it is very important to monitor what is within the products used. In fact, unwanted and bad substances for your skin could end up in your skin. Eliminate any product containing silicone, for example, which holds sebum, impurities and bacteria on the skin. Do the same for all those containing parabens because it has been proven that they can promote the appearance of certain cancers and irritations.

MESO-BRIGHT is our favorite kit, containing a dermaroller and serum vials concentrated in active ingredients. In addition, there is not only Hyaluronic Acid but also Vitamin B3 and Gallic Acid to cleanse, unify and brighten the complexion. It is guaranteed without silicone, parabens or endocrine disruptors, just like MESO-GLOW.

Purchase Surface Paris Meso With Roller

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