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buy hair botox treatment with bitcoins

Hair Botox

Majestic Hair Botox is the most advanced hair repair and straightening formula worldwide. The treatment repairs the damaged or broken hair fibers with a powerful concentrate of active ingredients including caviar oil, B5, E vitamins and collagen complex, which guarantee to moisturize, nourish, repair and revive hair right from the very first use, adding incredible shine and softness and eliminating frizz. Major benefit of the treatment is that it has the capability to repair split ends.

Buy Hair Botox Treatment With Bitcoins

It is impossible for hair Botox to damage hair or weaken its integrity, which is quite possible with keratin treatments that are too strong as they deliver too much protein to a client’s hair shaft. Majestic Hair Botox is formaldehyde free and formulated to be rinsed before you flat iron the hair which add more convenience to the time of the treatment and eliminate the fumes and smell unlike the ordinary keratin treatment. KIT Includes: Majestic Clarifying Shampoo 1000ml – Step 1, Majestic Hair Botox Treatment 1000ml – Step 2, Majestic Replenishing Shampoo 1000ml – Step 3, Majestic Replenishing Conditioner 1000ml – Step 4.


  • 0% Formaldehyde
  • Wash Hair before you Flat iron
  • With Caviar & Collagen
  • No Fumes- No Itchy Eyes – No Bad Smell
  • Repair and Straighten Hair- Eliminate Frizz 100%

buy hair botox treatment with bitcoinsWhat is the difference between Hair BOTOX and Keratin treatments?

Unlike Keratin treatments that use formaldehyde, Hair BOTOX contains a rich formula that shoots nutrients into the damaged cortex of the shaft cuticles and restores hair from inside out. Hair BOTOX will give you straight silky hair without breaking their bonds. It is impossible for hair BOTOX to damage hair or weaken its integrity, which is quite possible with keratin treatments that are too strong as they deliver too much protein to a client’s hair shaft.

What is the effect on my hair after applying the Hair BOTOX Treatment?

You will notice your hair become straight, hydrated, shinier, and soft. Frizz is eliminated and hair become fuller and thicker. New grown hair is also healthier and stronger.

How long does Hair Botox last on the hair?

3-6 Months provided that you wash your hair with Majestic Replenishing Shampoo and Conditioner every time you wash your hair.

How long do I have to wait to wash my hair after the Botox treatment?

Unlike most Keratin treatments, most of the Majestic Hair BOTOX treatment is washed during the application itself. There is no need to wait a specific time for hair to be washed after the application. Hair can be washed at any time with the Majestic Shampoo and Conditioner.

If my hair has been treated, colored, straightened, or has any other kind of chemicals; can I use any of the Majestic Hair BOTOX without damaging or breaking my hair?

Everyone is a good candidate, especially those with frizzy, damaged, weekend, colored or processed hair. Majestic hair BOTOX is hair re-constructers which work to repair the hair root to tip and would benefit every type of hair (permed, fine, course, frizzy, curly, color treated, extensions, and Japanese treatments)

Does the Hair BOTOX cause any irritation to the eyes or smell in the room?

Majestic Hair Botox treatments contain absolutely 0% formaldehyde! There will be no irritation of the eyes or skin, and no bad smell.

Is the Majestic Hair BOTOX contains any1, 4-Dioxane or Formaldehyde?

The Majestic Hair BOTOX doesn’t contain any 1, 4-Dioxane or Formaldehyde. The treatment is completely safe.

How much of the Treatment should I use per application on my hair?

It depends on the length and texture of the hair, for shoulder length hair the usual amount needed is 60 ml / 2 oz. And up to 125ml/4OZ max for long hair. People make the mistake of over applying thinking that it the hair will be more straightened, that is not true. Over saturating the hair will make the procedure fail. Please use the indicated amount or as needed for the length and volume of the hair or the hair will be difficult to brush and flat iron during the process and will result in white dandruff like flaking. Please use a fine tooth comb during the process to distribute the product evenly and remove all excess products.

Type of flat iron to use when you buy hair botox treatment with bitcoins

Always use a flat iron that can reach up to 450 Fahrenheit or 230 Celsius. Use moderation while performing the treatment on different hair types and take into consideration the texture of the hair. For Strong, normal hair use 450/230C Temperature. For Light colored, fine and bleached hair, use 375F/180C temperature. We also offer a Special flat iron and hair tools for your convenience.buy hair botox treatment with bitcoins

After applying the Hair Botox, do I have to maintain my hair with some kind of product?

Yes, you should use after Care Products that don’t contain any sodium chloride or Sodium Sulfate. We strongly suggest that you use Majestic Replenishing Shampoo and Conditioners, serum or Argan oil. These products are specially formulated with a balanced pH level and will insure to keep hair cuticle closed for maximum protection.

Can I apply the Hair BOTOX Treatment the same day my hair has been colored?

We recommend that you wait another week after having another treatment such as coloring, de coloring, etc. Just take into account that at times light colored (dyed hair of light color) and dyed red colored hair might experience fading to do the leveling of PH our Botanical main ingredient. So we recommend that you dye your hair one degree darker if you are planning to have the Hair BOTOX done after coloring.

Can I swim in the pool or ocean after you have the hair BOTOX Treatment?

All exposure to salt and chlorine will gradually strip the good nutrient from the hair. Always apply Majestic Keratin Serum or Argan Oil before the Beach or swimming pool to seal your hair strands and protect the Hair BOTOX treatment. Enjoy swimming with No worries with Majestic Keratin serum or Argan oil.

How soon can you touch up your color after you receive the hair BOTOX treatment?

Since the hair BOTOX can be washed any time after the treatments, you can color anytime! Just allow the color to remain in the hair 10 minutes longer than usual while applying. Usually waiting one week after the treatment is preferred so to ensure that the cuticles of the hair are well set in with the treatment before the color process.

Can I use the Hair BOTOX Treatment for Kids?

The Majestic Hair BOTOX can be use on Children over 8 years of age. (To be applied by a professional at all times)

buy hair botox treatment with bitcoins

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